Buyer Representation

A dream realized. Buying a home is both exciting and overwhelming. Our buyer representation includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Review any contract between you and your real estate agent.

  • Negotiate and prepare the Purchase and Sale Agreement.

  • Resolve any issues that may arise and navigate through the process if you’re buying and selling simultaneously.

  • Assist in clearing any issues that may come up in the examination of your property’s title.

  • Safeguard your deposit by keeping track of your commitment date. Review your commitment letter with you and clearly explain the mortgage process.

  • Prepare all documentation needed to sell your property.

  • Orchestrate the closing, explain the documents you’ll be asked to sign and answer any questions you may have.

Seller Representation

You’re ready to move on. We can help you confidently close your transaction without any stumbling blocks. Our seller representation includes, but is not limited to:

  • Negotiate the Purchase and Sale Agreement with the buyer’s attorney.

  • Schedule the closing, which is typically held about four to six weeks after your purchasing agreement is finalized.

  • Secure the mortgage payoff, if applicable. Any earnest money your buyer paid is held in escrow by a third party until the sale is completed at the closing.

  • Buyer will schedule an inspection and you’ll complete any agreed-upon repairs for the inspection contingency. We work with you and the buyer’s attorney to negotiate those terms.

  • As the closing nears, we typically meet in advance to review all documents, sign and notarize. In many cases, the seller does not need to attend the closing. We attend as your representative.


We speak your language. Our in-depth real estate expertise makes for a streamlined transaction.

  • We collaborate with you and your client.

  • We value your time and inquiries.

  • We share our local market knowledge.

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